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Your custom message lowers down onto this contemporary wooden set.
Contemporary Text
Video Background
Place your own motivation words in this customizable video with the camera flying up to each in turn. The text in this video looks best in all CAPS.
Word Space
Video Background
A stick figure writing five areas of text
Stick Figure Simulating Writing Text
Video Background
A treasure chest opens to reveal your custom golden message inside.
Treasure Chest
Video Background
A wacky robot takes a board with your custom message and hangs it up for you to see.
Robot Blueprint Text
Video Background
Add your custom text within this burning fire.
Fire Text
Video Background
Put your custom text in a swirling nebula.
Plasma Text
Video Background
Your custom text rests on a metal beam swinging on chains.
Girder Text
Video Background
A fluffy white cloud with you custom text floating on it.
Fluffy Cloud Text
Presentation Clipart
A car travels along a road of a small grassy world with sign that you can customize with your message.
Small World Road Text
Video Background
Your custom text embedded in a strand of DNA.
DNA Message Text
Video Background
A stick figure operates a clear touch-screen surface to create a title page with your custom text.
Future Interface Text
Video Background
Put your own custom text in the Lincoln Memorial in remembrance of President's Day.
Lincoln Memorial Text
Video Background
In this custom video a group of concentric ring swing around to line-up a row of metal letters.
Metal Letter Wheel Text
Video Background
Your custom text fly-by on this digital highway.
Digital Highway Text
Video Background
An old-fashioned factory with steam machines and text on a hanging metal beam.
Steam Factory Text
Video Background
The needle on a compass swings around and then points up. You can change the text around the edge of the compass in this custom video background.  CAPITAL letters work best.
Compass Direction
Video Background
Two words crash hard to the floor making a large crack in the floor.  You can change the text in this customizable video.  CAPITAL letters work best.
Text Crash
Video Background
An industrial robot helps builder your custom text video.
Robot Builder Text
Video Background
A shattered sphere rebuilds itself and spins around to reveal your custom text.
Shattered Sphere
Video Background
Text revolves around a golden ball with sparkling party confetti falling.  You can change the text in this custom video using our custom video tools.
Confetti Falling
Video Background
Three figures are trapped in chains connected to a big weight ball which you can add your own text to.
Figures Chained To Big Weight Ball Text
Video Background
Add your own words to the Christmas ornaments in this customizable video background.  Leave the text field blank if you do not want a word to appear on an ornament.
Golden Christmas
Video Background
A custom text video background featuring a stack of boxes with a stick figure lifting up the top box over top of his head.
Raise Top Box Text
Video Background
Snowflakes float around inside this snow globe with customizable text.
Snow Globe Text
Video Background
A custom video shows an earth with four arrows revolving around it, each one with text you can change to your own words.
Earth Arrows Text
Video Background
A custom text video background with a stick figure pushing a box.
Heavy Box Text
Video Background
A thought bubble floats in the sky and fills with a quotation.  Up to three lines of text and a byline can be added to this customizable video.
Thought Clouds
Video Background
Your own words can be cruising down the highway by replacing Your Text Here with your desired words.
Road Trip Text
Video Background
A single dart hits the center of a target with your customizable text in this video background.
Target Text
Video Background

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