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Someone at a sci fi workstation activates a display with your custom message.
Console Display Custom
Video Background
Put your custom text in front of a light show on stage. The text in this video looks best in ALL CAPS.
Light Show Text
Video Background
Your custom text featured in a movie-like intro.
Feature Presentation Custom
Video Background
This customizable coffee video shows a coffee cup pop in as two picture placeholders fly in from the sides.  Editable text areas appear to add a title for over the coffee cup.  Download this video as is, or click the green "customize this item" to start making it your own.
Find more great <a class="text-blue-800 hover:text-blue-500" href="https://www.presentermedia.com/slideclips">editable video templates</a> like this by exploring our single and multiple template layouts.
Coffee Time Editable Video
Video Background
This synergy logo reveal video shows particle lights coming in from each side, then spinning around and colliding the middle to display your logo. <br><br> This video gives you the customization to pick each light's colors and add a logo, text, or image to be revealed in the center.  This logo reveal video is a great way to show synergy or a merger of two businesses, ideas, or plans coming together.
Synergy Light Particles Logo Reveal
Video Background
A student draws a chalk design across the schoolroom chalkboard.
Draw On Chalkboard Custom
Video Background
A rectangle with your design on it emerges from a pile of tiles. Use this minimalist video to showcase your message.
Tile Emerge Custom
Video Background
Three evergreen trees sparkle with lights in a frosty winter field filled with fresh snow. The words Merry Christmas! appear on the right side of the frame and Seasons Greetings appears below. The elements and text of this video can be modified or removed using our SlideClip video tools. Quickly add your own personal holiday message or just use the video as it is.
Winter Christmas Sparkles
Video Background
Your custom title flies from behind the earth to the front as the camera pulls back in a reveal.
Earth Majestic Text
Video Background
This video background shows a stick figure simulating writing customizable text on screen. <br><br>Customizing this video works best with the maximum amount of text character which is 22 or close to it.
Stick Figure Single Word Text
Video Background
This custom design video shows a figure painting a wall.  You can customize the paint with your own text and images.
Figure Paints The Wall
Video Background
An elegant video template for graduation announcements, parties, or just saying congratulations. Golden lettering states 'Class of' and the current year as gold confetti falls. A tag line, 'Best Wishes for a Bright Future' appears at the bottom. This is a video template and can be edited and the tag line personalized using our on-line tools. Click the customize button to load the editing tools.
Graduation Class Celebration
Video Background
This version of the Christmas Advent wreath features five candles, the candle of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and the white Christ Candle in the center. The center white candle lights as the four colored candles flicker in the background. The Christ Candle is typically lit on Christmas Eve as the last candle of the Advent season. PresenterMedia has a video template for each week Advent. You may edit this template to and your own scripture or message or simply use the existing video as a background in your presentations.
Advent Wreath Candles
Video Background
This custom design video shows a figure giving a presentation on a stage showing three screens.  You can customize each screen with your own text and images.  <br><br>You can your own spinning logo or saying to the intro screen.  Delete unwanted images by selecting item and hitting the x in the layers on the left side of the work area.
Three Custom Screen Presentation
Video Background
A bright sparkling star floats over the manger in Bethlehem with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus while the lyrics 'Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star with Royal Beauty Bright' appear surrounding the manger. The elements and the text in this video can be modified or removed using PresenterMedia's SlideClip editing tools. Make the video your own by adding logs, pictures, scripture verses and more and download the new video in seconds.
Star Of Wonder
Video Background
A deck of playing calls fall, then scatter when a card with your custom design swivels into view.
Playing Cards Fall Custom
Video Background
A spot light shines from behind as it moves left to right, then another light comes from above to illuminate your custom design.
Shadow Logo Reveal
Video Background
An old leather book opens and flips pages to reveal your custom message. You can customize the cover and inside page separately in this video.
Fairytale Book Custom
Video Background
Customize your own graffiti message on this brick wall.
Spray Graffiti Custom
Video Background
A construction worker screws a sign with your custom message to a wall.
Figure Install Sign
Video Background
A person drawing on paper reveals your custom design.
Hand Drawing Custom
Video Background
As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to change color, autumn is a time to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. This video background with autumn leaves and colors is the perfect way to set the mood for a grateful attitude. The beautiful colors of autumn leaves and the words "give thanks" create a visually stunning and uplifting video. Whether you use this <strong>autumn video background</strong> as the backdrop to a slide in PowerPoint or for a social media post, it will help you reflect on all you are thankful for. If you want to save just a still image of the video design, click on the File drop-down menu and choose to download as a .png or jpeg file.
Give Thanks Fall Video
Video Background
A flaring light trailing sparkles swirls around your custom message.
Glimmer Spiral Text
Video Background
A stick figure operates a clear touch-screen surface to create a title page with your custom text.
Future Interface Text
Video Background
A stick figure writing five areas of text
Stick Figure Simulating Writing Text
Video Background
Two robot arms stack blocks to form your custom message.
Robot Image Blocks
Video Background
A cartoon zombie dances as the greeting Happy Halloween appears in this customizable video background. This video clip also contains music. This project can be customized using our on-line video editing tools. Add or remove elements, or combine video clips together to create longer videos for your presentations.
Happy Halloween Dance
Video Background
This customizable portal logo reveal shows a spinning diagram rotating as your logo appears from the middle light.  Change out the logo placeholder with text, an image, or your own logo using our online custom tool.
Portal Light Ray Logo Reveal
Video Background
This particle smoke wave logo reveal shows a light guiding colored smoke around until it reaches the center where it explodes out revealing your logo.
Particle Wave Light Logo Reveal
Video Background
An awards ceremony envelope spins and opens up to reveal the winner.  The text is customizable in this video using our exclusive customizer.
Envelope Please Text
Video Background

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A qustion mark with infographics text on it on top of infograpic PowerPoint slides.
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