A stylized nature scene with wind turbines and solar panels. A large green lightbulb with the earth rotating inside rises against the horizon in this sustainability concept video background.
Green Sustainable Nature
Video Background
Roundy rolls in from the left of the frame across a dry, dusty, and cracked piece of ground. A puff of dust and a flash of light accompany Roundy as he pops up and points to indicate that something is about to appear from off screen to the right. A blank panel moves to fill the right two-thirds of the frame providing plenty of copy space. The elements in this video background can be edited with our SlideClip Video Maker.
Rolling Roundy Smoke
Video Background
A pair of zombies shuffle through a graveyard on a dark and stormy night. Tombstones rise from the ground and rain and lightning fill the sky.
Zombie Graveyard
Video Background
A light blue background slowly fills with Christmas presents and holiday ornaments. A stylized Christmas tree flickers in the background as the title "Merry Christmas" appears to the left. A gentle snow blows across the frame completing the scene. This is a fully editable video background. You can remove the snow, change the text, add your own photos and more by clicking the Customize Video button.
Blue Christmas Decorations
Video Background
Create your ghostly custom image in this Halloween graphic.
Scarecrow Pumpkin Patch Custom
Video Background
This custom design video shows a coffee cup sitting next to some festive winter elements.  You can customize the coffee design by adding your own text and images using our online customizer.
Winter Festive Coffee
Video Background
See your own design on the silver screen in this movie theater as the curtains open.
Movie Theater Logo Reveal
Video Background
A video template for Maundy Thursday services or Holy Communion. A cup and a loaf of bread symbolize the body and blood of Christ. This video is completely editable. Change the text to meet your needs, or add your own photos using our customization tools.
Maundy Thursday
Video Background
Wind blows sand off an old artifact to reveal your custom design.
Sand Blow Away Reveal Custom
Video Background
This custom design video shows overhead signs passing by.  You can customize the two signs with you own message and images.
Overhead Freeway Custom Signs
Video Background
In this Christmas Santa video a Santa pops up with a present and custom message on a spring explodes out from the present.
Santa Pop Up Present Surprise
Video Background
A group of letters fall together and form your custom text.
Letters Falling Together
Video Background
A happy cartoon snowman hops out from the forest to gesture to a photo while snowflakes fall in this winter photo layout. You can change the placeholder photo by clicking the Customize Button. In the SlideClip editor, double-click on the photo and then upload and insert your own photo. Then select export video in the file menu.
Holiday Snowman Photo Layout
Video Background
A long dark hallway lit by shadowy lights as your custom text moves by.
Grunge Hallway Text
Video Background
A large red check mark appears on the screen with an area for a title or quote. After 7 seconds, the video transitions to a 3D stick figure checking off three items on a list. There are areas to the right of the figure for your list items. Use PowerPoint's animation pane to adjust the timings of your list items to match the video background.
Three Checks Background
Video Background
This is a fully editable video. You can change any of the words and swap the photo placeholders for your own images. Click the customize button to load the edit tools.

Four diverse hands clasp each other to form an unbroken bond of unity within a circular badge. The badge has two editable text areas. Three placeholder images slide out to the right while a title area appears beneath the images. A colorful pattern in the background completes this concept of unity through diversity.
Unity Diversity Badge
Video Background
The chrome letters of your text fly in to the scene, then fly out.
Flying Text
Video Background
Customize the flag design this astronaut plants on an alien world.
Minimal Space Custom
Video Background
Your custom text embedded in a strand of DNA.
DNA Message Text
Video Background
Put your message on the television screen in the retro-gaming scene.
8-bit Message Text
Video Background
A group of four different portable digital devices
Wireless Devices Text
Video Background
A woman appears from behind your slide, surprised and then excited by the content of your slide. She then point to the message in your presentation. The left two-thirds of the video background frame is blank copy space for your own content.
Woman Point Reveal
Video Background
A fluffy white cloud with you custom text floating on it.
Fluffy Cloud Text
Presentation Clipart
Your custom Valentine's Day message in floating among hearts.
Valentine Depth Text
Video Background
A royal purple tinted background design with a sparkling rotating diamond and the words DIAMOND ACCESS. The lower two thirds of the frame are available for your own copy or images.

This is a fully editable video background. You can change the text, reposition the elements, and even swap out the diamond animation for another. Click on the customize button to launch our SlideClip editor.
Diamond Access
Video Background
A group of colorful Easter eggs appear nestled in the grass as the rolling cloudy sky fills the background. The title text 'Happy Easter' appears along with a tag-line. Change the text or reposition the eggs using our customization tools before you download. This would make a great Easter Egg Hunt announcement.
Easter Eggs
Video Background
A mysterious swamp is full of the unknown and floating questions that pop in the air. Use this animated video background in quiz presentations or for question and answers.
Foggy Swamp Questions
Video Background
A stick figure in a forklift brings in a large heavy cube with your custom text on it.
Forklift Block Text
Video Background
The word "MARCH" pops up on little three leaf clovers. A small card is revealed which currently reads events. A wooden fence background appears as the title are moves to the top of the frame. A golden glitter effect completes the scene. The is a fully editable video background. You can add, move, or delete elements and change any text by clicking the customize button and using our on-line video making tools.
March Calendar Clover
Video Background
A custom title flies from the screen of a server station.
Server Station Text
Video Background

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