Custom Text

Cartoon bubbles rise underwater around your custom message.
Toon Bubbles Text
Video Background
This custom design video shows three monitors that swap screens and rotate threw until back at the first screen.
Three Monitors Custom Swap
Video Background
This is a fully editable video. You can change any of the words and swap the photo placeholders for your own images. Click the customize button to load the edit tools.

Four diverse hands clasp each other to form an unbroken bond of unity within a circular badge. The badge has two editable text areas. Three placeholder images slide out to the right while a title area appears beneath the images. A colorful pattern in the background completes this concept of unity through diversity.
Unity Diversity Badge
Video Background
This video shows snow falling around custom text.   <br><br>  <FONT COLOR="F93636">For best results limit CAPITAL letters to one per word.</FONT>
Winter Wonderland Text
Video Background
Your custom text forms in a cauldron of green goo.
Swirling Cauldron Text
Video Background
This custom design video shows
Bigger Custom Ball Knockout Smaller
Video Background
A crown of thorns and a wooden cross are highlighted by a subtle motion of light beams. A scripture from the Book of John appears in the blank area on the left of the frame. You can edit the Bible verse and add your own worship service details using the customization tools.
Crown Of Thorns
Video Background
Watch your custom design flutter in the heat as it gets consumed by fire.
Ember Message Burning Custom
Video Background
This custom video shows a winter scene with snow falling and ornaments sitting in the snow. <br><br>  <FONT COLOR="F93636">For best results limit CAPITAL letters to one per word.</FONT>
Ornaments In Falling Snow
Video Background
This custom design video show a prehistoric cave with torches lighting the wall.  You can customize this message and design in the CUSTOM YOUR MESSAGE tab.  Double mouse click on the text in the work area to edit.
Caveman Custom Wall
Video Background
Put your own message on the sign in this minefield with a concerned businessman.
Man In Minefield Custom
Video Background
Your custom design absorbs into this textured paper and expands to be completely seen.
Paper Craft Reveal Custom
Video Background
A thought bubble floats in the sky and fills with a quotation.  Up to three lines of text and a byline can be added to this customizable video.
Thought Clouds
Video Background
Gears in a complex machine turn to bring your custom design into view.
Gear Turn Custom
Video Background
An image of a silver platter with the lid opened to reveal a card for you to put your own custom text and design on.
Silver Platter Reveal Custom
Video Background
This custom text video shows out of focus lights in the background with light sparks falling over text which you can customize to your own words.
Lights And Falling Sparks Custom
Video Background
Who's got some Boogie Fever? Get down and party tonight with this Disco themed video background. A shiny mirrored ball casts brilliant light rays along with flashing purple lights. The text Disco Dance Party appears on the right side of the frame. You can change or remove this placeholder text by clicking on the Customize button.
Disco Dance Party
Video Background
Shiny black with blue glowing edges swoop in front of a background of reflective boxes.
Glow Rim Text
Video Background
A robot like character with a lightbulb head paces the floor and then gets a great idea. The character then moves off to the side after 6 seconds providing copy space for text or additional images.
Lightbulb Idea
Video Background
A pair of zombies shuffle through a graveyard on a dark and stormy night. Tombstones rise from the ground and rain and lightning fill the sky.
Zombie Graveyard
Video Background
A cartoon turkey peeks around the side of a sign to read the message. It looks up and is surprised by the viewer and then runs off back behind the sign. Autumn leaves and vibrant fall colors fill the background. A few colorful fall leaves float to the ground.
Turkey Surprise
Video Background
See your own design on the silver screen in this movie theater as the curtains open.
Movie Theater Logo Reveal
Video Background
This custom design video shows a smoke flying through the air and your custom design is revealed through the smoke.
Jet Smoke Custom
Video Background
March is Women's History Month, and a great way to celebrate is by using a <strong>women's history month video background</strong>. This downloadable video background is perfect for adding extra flair to your presentations and social media posts showing your support for women's history month. The video features an illustration of Rosie the Riveter flexing her muscles. So be sure to download this women's history month video and help celebrate the amazing women who have helped shape the United States and beyond!
<span id="dots">...</span>
<span id="more">
Woman's history month is celebrated in America every year in March. The month marks the achievements of women throughout history. Woman's history month was first celebrated in 1987, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. Woman's history month is a time to celebrate women's progress while also recognizing that there is still work to be done. There are many events and activities during women's history month, and it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the significant contributions that women have made to society. 
So be sure to join in on the celebration this March and add this video to your presentation slide deck, or give it a share on social media.
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Find many more great videos to download, and customize by exploring our <a class="text-blue-800 hover:text-blue-500" href="">video backgrounds</a> media library.

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Women's History Month Video
Video Background
In this Christmas Santa video a Santa pops up with a present and custom message on a spring explodes out from the present.
Santa Pop Up Present Surprise
Video Background
Your custom text above a clock.
About Time Text
Video Background
A large sparkiling clean 3D tooth fill the left third of the frame, while various dental intruments and personal hygene items fill the rest of the frame. There is room for text in the uppert right. This video can be completely edited using our SlideClip Video Tool.
Dental Care
Video Background
This custom design video shows a coffee cup sitting next to some festive winter elements.  You can customize the coffee design by adding your own text and images using our online customizer.
Winter Festive Coffee
Video Background
Wind blows sand off an old artifact to reveal your custom design.
Sand Blow Away Reveal Custom
Video Background
Colorful pink apply blossom petals float gently toward the ground and the text 'Spring is in the air' appears on the right portion of the frame. There is a photo placeholder on the left with an area for a caption. You can change the photo and add your own caption using the customization tools. Our 3D character, Jerry, appears at the end sniffing a flower. You may change or remove Jerry when editing the video.
Spring In The Air
Video Background

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