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A Library of Custom Clip Art

Posted on: Jan, 2019 By: Josh Doohen
A collage of custom clip art from presentermedia.com Here's an update filling you in on the latest clip art graphics geared toward our very popular custom related designs. This library of custom clip art are customizable with your own personal design using wording, logos and images that can be used in your PowerPoint Presentations, documents, and web designs etc. We give you a simple design template to start with and the rest is up to you. The skies the limit in the platform you choose to use and display them in.

Figure Holding Sign stick figure holding custom sign

Custom Year Balloons custom balloons with the year 2019 on them Danger Sign A custom clip art danger sign image

Hot Beverage Custom A coffee mug with a custom design on it Male Female Construction Sign Two construction worker characters holding a custom sign in this custom clip art image Home Office Computer Custom A picture of a customizable computer screen Talia Open Roller Banner An image of a woman standing next to a custom sign Girl in scarf next to Message Board A child in winter clothes gesturing to a customizable sign Woman Stake Flag Mountain A custom clip art of a woman stick figure holding up a custom flag Woman Sign Decision A business woman looking up at a custom direction road sign

Click HERE to take a look at all of our newest custom graphics. We continue to make customizable clip art with more variety, and you can find animated gifs of clipart as well as video backgrounds on our website. Be sure to browse this section to see the latest in what we have done.

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By: Josh Doohen
Josh has been creating graphics professionally since 1998. Josh is a co-owner and an employee at PresenterMedia. From animation to photography, he always finds a way to let his artist expression shine through. Outside of work he loves to spend time with his family and likes to get involved in photography.

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