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Animated Gifs in Video: 2019 and Beyond

Posted on: Aug, 2019 By: Josh Doohen

Animated GIFs are they here to stay?

Can you believe it, animated GIFs have been lingering around for longer than 25 years! According to trends in animation and popularity in 2015 they have had a resurgence and are more popular than ever. If you are in your mid to late 30's, or older like I am, you can probably remember when you would see them heavily scattered about personal websites hosted by Angelfire and Geocities. The reality is that we are drawn to these amazing little mini videos because they tell us a story through a quick series of photographic slides. Come to think of it, often times I have difficultly expressing my mood or an emotion, yet these GIFs can help usher us into the expression we are looking for deep down in our soul! :)
So here we have this long history with the animated GIF along with an early attachment to it when the internet first began. If we've made it this far it makes me believe it will be here a long time to come. Now, here's the fun part! Keep reading to hear what we have done to keep the GIF evolving for our end users.

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Where does Presenter Media fit in with the GIF?

Presenter Media has been making GIFs for over 10 years. We have worked hard on bringing out many different kinds of these animations. Knowing there are so many fans out there to the beloved GIF we wanted to up our game and offer something original to the all those ranging from the hobbyist to the graphic/web designer. This is something no one else does with GIFs (at least at this point). We offer customizable GIFs that give you the ability to add your own text into our designated designs from our GIF library (See above example). And we aren't talking about just adding an overlay of text like Giphy.com does, this is even better! We label these gems under the Custom Text in our animations section of Presenter Media. Use these animations in PowerPoint or Keynote to spice up your presentation, as well as web pages, emails, or even on Social Media.

Now, here is the exciting thing, lets add even some more fresh stock to the animated GIF shall we?! You will see below that we here at Presenter Media believe great storytelling can come from something as simple as a GIF. So much so that we decided to give the GIF even more value and developed an engine to embed our GIFs into our new Slide Clips Section.
Currently we are testing it out as a Beta Version with a small taste of our GIF library in another medium. In a nutshell, you can plug in your text into our existing layout(s) and use it to create short impactful video clips to grab the attention of your audience. Whether you are making a marketing video, a presentation video, or a video to share on social media, our video builder will be sure to save you time and money.
We hope this gives you a new vision and satisfaction in creating new designs and videos. Our goal is to help you express your idea in the easiest way possible. Let us know in the comments how you are using these, we love to hear your feedback!

A Custom Slide Clip of a Cell Phone

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By: Josh Doohen
Josh has been creating graphics professionally since 1998. Josh is a co-owner and an employee at PresenterMedia. From animation to photography, he always finds a way to let his artist expression shine through. Outside of work he loves to spend time with his family and likes to get involved in photography.

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