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Animated Templates and PowerPoint 2007

Posted on: Jul, 2010 By: Art Holden
If you use PowerPoint 2007 and experience a problem with our animated PowerPoint templates not playing, here are a few things do to get it working properly.  Most likely the problem is due to Office 2007 not being up to date.  Microsoft has released several updates to Office 2007 over the past few years.

PowerPoint 2007 Troubleshooting Guide

1. Be sure you are actually viewing the SlideShow (F5)

The animations in our templates will only play in SlideShow mode and not in the normal edit mode.  Under the SlideShow tab, press 'From Beginning' or you can simply press F5.  If the animations move in SlideShow mode, everything is working properly.

2. Run Windows Update.

Microsoft has come out with several updates and patches for PowerPoint 2007.  These patches fix several issues with PowerPoint and its ability to play animated templates with embedded video files.

If a computer is not being automatically updated by Windows Update, Office 2007 probably did not get updated with several critical patches.

Our recommendation is to run Windows Update and install any updates related to Office 2007.

Restart your computer after you have installed these updates.

Check the template again, Press F5 to see the animations move.

3. Make sure you have the most recent version of Windows Media Player installed.

Open Windows Media Player, select under Help, "Check for Updates".  Update your player if necessary.

You may need to click in the lower right corner of Windows Media Player, to switch views, to make the  Help menu option visible.

PowerPoint 2007 requires Windows Media Player version 11 on XP or Version 12 on Vista or Windows 7.

4. Re-download the PowerPoint Template you were having problems with.

If you had to update PowerPoint 2007 or your Media Player, it is possible that PowerPoint has flagged the video animation in the template as unplayable.   Essentially, PowerPoint has modified the file (even if you didn't save it), so that even though PowerPoint can now play the animation, it doesn't think it can.  The only way around this we've found is to download a fresh file from PresenterMedia.

Problems with Video Playback in PowerPoint 2007

It has also been brought to our attention that if you do not have the most recent version of Windows Media Player, you may experience poor video playback in PowerPoint 2007.  This typically looks like green streaks running through the video animation in our templates.

Since our animated templates are created in PowerPoint 2010 and then made backward compatible with PowerPoint 2007, the newest version of Windows Media Player is required.  This is Media Player 11 for Windows XP and Media Player 12 for Vista and Windows 7 users.

If you are experiencing this problem, simply run Windows Media Player and then check for updates from the help menu.

View all our animated templates for PowerPoint here.

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By: Art Holden
Art Holden has been involved in presentation and animation graphic content since 1990. He had the pleasure of creating one of the very first animation websites on the internet, Animation Factory. For 13 years he managed and created media for Animation Factory. He is now a part-owner and an employee working full time at PresenterMedia. His hobbies outside of work revolve around being involved in the bicycling community in Sioux Falls, SD. He never misses an opportunity to get on his bike and enjoy a ride.

Blog Comments (Sign In to Comment):

Jul 28, 2010 -
Nancy Urban
I cannot ge the animation templates to be animate. I am running windows xp. Office 2007. I did what was suggested above (installing service pack 2 and my system said I already have it. So, why am I no seeing the animation?
Jul 28, 2010 -
Art Holden
Hello Nancy, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems. A few things to check, make sure you didn't confuse the Office 2007 Service Pack 2 with the Windows XP service pack 2. Here is a link to the Office 2007 Service Pack 2. Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Are you have difficulty with all the animated templates or just one particular one? Art Holden
Nov 17, 2010 -
I can not get my animations to loop during the hold slide. How do I get it to loop in 2007-2010
Nov 17, 2010 -
Art Holden
Hello Monica, I am not sure I understand. Does the animation play and then just stop? The animation may no longer be set to loop in it's properties. Which template are you using? Art Holden
Jan 05, 2011 -
Eric Harris
I am having the same problem as Nancy. I uploaded the the Office SP2 and restarted my machine. Its a recentely new purchased computer so it should be up to date with Windows as well. The animations will not play in the powerpoint. Thanks, Eric
Jan 06, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Eric, Sometimes Service Pack 2 may not have installed. Here is a post where it explains how to check for sure that it is installed. http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2010/08/office-2007-service-pack-2/ Once you have verified that your PowerPoint 2007 has SP2, and if the animations still fail to work properly, most likely you need to check to see if Windows Media Player is up to date. Installing the most recent version of Windows Media Player will insure that your machine has all the proper video codecs necessary to play the video files in PowerPoint. Let me know if you continue to have problems. Art Holden PresenterMedia.com
Feb 25, 2011 -
Alison Withers
Hi, I have followed all of your advice to the T, I have Office 2007 SP2 installed, am running Powerpoint 2007 on a 32 bit system, I have downloaded the latest Media Player 11 inclusive of all updates, but my animated templates are not viewing correctly. They are animated, but the video is flashing and some templates have rainbow coloured streaks running through the video. I have definitely installed SP2 for Office as this has been confirmed. Please could you advise me what else I might be missing?
Feb 26, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Alison, It sounds like service pack 2 is installed as the video does at least play, but it sounds like you are having a video conflict causing the poor video playback. These types of problems are rare and unfortunately they can been difficult to diagnose. It could be a video driver problem with your video card. You could see if there are updated drivers for your video card. It could also be a problem with a 3rd party application that is causing a problem with the video playback on your system. Things like a screen capture or other program could have modified the codecs that PowerPoint uses causing the problem. I'll contact you on Monday and we can see if we can work through what might be causing the problem. Art Holden PresenterMedia
May 06, 2011 -
Art Holden, WHY don't you just give the codecs? I don't have Windows Media Player and I don't want one... :( why can't you just give them out for those of us who want to install just those? ............please?
May 09, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Christie, Since we optimize our PowerPoint templates to Microsoft's specifications for video, the easiest way to make sure you are running what Microsoft likes is to make sure Microsoft's Windows Media Player is up to date. If you are interested in the actual codec used, it is Windows Media Video 9. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Aug 18, 2011 -
My animations do not work when I load them Artiuclate Studio 9. Do you know how I can get them to work?
Aug 18, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hi Barry, Since Articulate doesn't yet support animated gifs and the PowerPoint (wmv) videos in our templates there are a few things you can do. In our PowerPoint animations section, you can download the animation as a .SWF (Flash Movie). Then in Articulate you can insert the animation directly as a Flash Movie. With the animated movies in our templates, we are releasing in just a few days the ability to download our video backgrounds as .FLV (Flash video) which can easily be used in Articulate. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Jan 26, 2012 -
Bruce Howard
Hi Art, I can create a new powerpoint and insert avi or wmv files and they play fine, but when I use your powerpoints, the animations do not play at all. I have done all that was suggested in this article and comments to fix it. You said, "If you are interested in the actual codec used, it is Windows Media Video 9." I searched the Microsoft site and found too many links for this. Can you provide a download link?
Jan 27, 2012 -
Bruce Howard
Just updating the previous comment. My windows update was not updating Office products, so while I assumed I had the latest PowerPoint, I did not. Once I had SP2 installed, everything was fine. Thanks Art!
May 16, 2012 -
Michele Kenny
Hi- I have recently downloaded a PPT2 2007 animated template and the animations are not running correctly. The screen is very discolored. I can see the animations happening but the colors are way off. I have checked to be sure I have the altest updates to everything installed and I do. Any thoughts on this? Thank you
May 16, 2012 -
Michele, First of all, thank you for your business. Let's see what the problem could be. I assume you are running PowerPoint 2007 on your machine. The most common problems are updates with Windows Media Player, PowerPoint/MS Office, and finally, your graphics card or other computer setting. Can you see if the template works fine on another machine? Also, what's the template name or item number, I can check our side to make sure it didn't some how change. Let me know and I'll continue to troubleshoot with you.
Jul 08, 2012 -
Hello, I downloaded some gifn images - animated. Unfortunately, the animation stops once the ppt is locally saved. The animations works upto the point of the fist 'save' once the file has been 'inserted' into the slide. I have updated the Service Pack as above. I am using the 2007 version. Could you help please? Thanks, Vinitha
Jul 09, 2012 -
Vinitha: Here's the help file on image compression, which causes the GIFs to stop animating after a save: http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2011/02/animated-clipart-stops-after-saving/
Sep 26, 2012 -
I have just started using Presenter Media. I have checked that the Office Pack 2 is installed and the latest version of Media Player. I have also re-downloaded the template. The embedded animations don't work so far. Please help.
Sep 27, 2012 -
Rhonda: Office 2007 is up to Service Pack 3, available to download directly from Microsoft , here is the link for that download as well as information about what it does and how it helps PowerPoint with stability issues. This service pack was released last year in December. If you are using PowerPoint 2010, please make sure that you are playing the presentation in Slide Show mode, as the animations will not occur until you play the show. If you continue experiencing difficulty, please send us an email through our website and we will assist you further.
Nov 08, 2012 -
Chad Jordan
Guys, I’m in need of guidance. I’ve done all the updates to the best of my knowledge. I’ve built an awesome presentation with your tools incorporating video and GIF animations. Everything ran perfectly then I saved the presentation and re-opened it. Now the GIF’s don’t work. There is no animation. The videos still work. I’m using PPT 2007.
Nov 08, 2012 -
Kara Jones
Chad, This is an issue with compression settings. Here's our tutorial walking you through how to remedy this. Unfortunately, the animations will need to be re-downloaded and inserted (GIF's only).
Apr 07, 2013 -
The problem I'm having is that the cover slide will show for about 2 seconds before it switches to the video (because it is a video template) and I can't see any of the info on the slides. Please help
Apr 08, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Thank you for your inquiry. It sounds like you're using PowerPoint 2007 but downloading a 2010 version of the template. PowerPoint 2007 does not allow anything to play in front of a video (the video "jumps" in front after a second or two), so if you download a 2010 version of a template, it'd have text in front of it (which 2010 can handle easily), but won't display on the 2007 version of PowerPoint. To resolve this, we recommend downloading the 2007 versions of the templates.

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