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Custom Clip Art Now Available!

Posted on: Feb, 2013 By: Mike Weber
It has been almost a month since the debut of our popular Customizable Text Animations, and it is time to shake things up again!  Our artists have risen to the occasion and brought yet another new feature to PresenterMedia; Customizable Clip Art Images using text!  Below are a few of my personal favorite Customizable Clip Art Images and some ideas for text.

Keep a close eye on our newest custom items as our artists create them on a semi-daily basis!

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By: Mike Weber
Mike is a great asset as part of the team at PresenterMedia. He really loves working with people. He's always ready to help someone in need and it gives him great satisfaction in doing so. He is the go to person when a PresenterMedia customer needs help. While not at work, you will usually find him playing sports, running or enjoying a sports game.

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