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Customizer Interface Updates - Febuary 2023

Posted on: Feb, 2023 By: Judd Albrecht

The Insert Menu Has Moved!

First, the insert menu moved from the drop-down in the top menu bar to a side menu bar on the left side of the interface. This menu bar contains the same options as the drop-down menu but is displayed as icons and opens into trays when selected. 

New Insert Menu Trays

The trays in the insert menu are design Layouts, text blocks, photos, backgrounds, clipart, and icons. Additional panels like videos and animations are inside the online video maker.  Each menu has an infinite scroll, so scroll down to view more items. Or, use the search function to find a thing.

What Options will You Find in this Menu Bar?

My Media - In this tray, you will find customized graphics and items you've uploaded to insert into your custom project.

Elements - This tray contains clipart, icons, shapes, and image frames to insert into your custom project.

Layouts - This tray provides all ready-made layout designs compatible with the custom project you are editing.

Photos - This tray lets you search a vast library of pictures and backgrounds to add to your project.

Text - In this tray, you will find simple text boxes to add and more intricate text block designs

Music - In this tray, you can select from the audio track library to insert into your video project. *Only available in the SlideClip video maker.

Video - This tray lets you search a collection of videos you can insert into your video project.  *Only available in the SlideClip video maker.

New Drag and Drop Technology

Now easy replace images by dragging the item from the options tray and releasing it onto another image placeholder.


My Media and Uploads Looks Different

My Media & Uploads moved into the left menu bar.  We did this move to implement the new Wdrag and drop technology to replace images easily.

If you need access to the full options, please use the My Media & Uploads like in the top right of the website.

You can delete customized items and uploads from the My Media & Uploda main window.

Image Filters Found a New Home

The images filters tab in the rightside interface menu is now located inside the effects tab

When you select and image, you will find a filters button in the top menu bar above the design to open the filter options.

The filters button.


Controls for the Design Area

If you have not noticed, a set of controls sit in the upper right-hand corner of the design canvas area. These controls moved to this location for better accessibility. Here you find the undo button, a grid option, zoom & fit, and a dark/light mode.

Tips for the controls:

  • Hold the Alt button on your keyboard when zoomed in to move around in the design area.
  • When the grid is turned on, hold the shift keyboard button to snap to the grid.
  • Use the dark/light mode if you have trouble reading light or dark text in the design area.


Edit Group Button Relocated

When a group is selected, the edit group button is now located next to the controls.

What is a group? A group is multiple elements put into one container called a group. You can edit the items in a group by clicking on the Edit Group Button.

Edit group button


Quick Text Edit

The boxes in the quick text edit are now resizable using the control in the bottom right part of the box.

Tips: If you want to move the text to the line below, hold down shift on your keyboard and press enter. Also, hold SHIFT and press ENTER on your keyboard to get a second line of text in the textbo


Collapsable Right-Side Menu

You can now collapse the menu on the right side of the interface if you want less on the screen when not using it.

Right menu collapse


3D Interactive Graphics Maker - Update

A brightness slider is now in the bottom left of the interactive window. This will boost or reduce the overall brightness of the 3D element.





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By: Judd Albrecht
Judd enjoys anything creative. As a content designer at PresenterMedia, he gets to put that creative desire to use everyday. "Every day I'm excited to come into work and start creating great content for our subscribers". He has degree in computer animation with over 15 years of graphic design experience, which has given him the skills to design quality graphic content. When he's not at work, he finds time enjoying the great outdoors, jamming on the bass guitar and playing with his kids.

Blog Comments (Sign In to Comment):

Feb 27, 2023 -
1. The text colour cannot be changed even after clicking 'SAVE'. Please advise how the colour can be changed. 2. Because of the webpage scaling, the 'Build and Download' button at the bottom right cannot be viewed to enable clicking. Please advise how the button can be viewed to build the edited clipart.
Mar 12, 2023 -
Extremely Frustrating! The tools that made reusing a previous animation a real breeze are gone. For instance, the automatic replacing of a photo from a shape that is reused on multiple slides is gone. You now seemingly have to reinsert the image, re-crop the image to the shape, and then reapply the morph transition--AND then the morph transition doesn't work! While I appreciate some of the new functionality, I am very frustrated by the removal of what previously made the customizer far simpler to work with.
Mar 12, 2023 -
Hi Geordan, We're sorry to hear about the frustration. We did update the way image changes are handled to support drag and drop. Try dragging an image over the top of the image you want to replace. It the image being changed exists in additional areas, the application will still ask if you want to update all similar images. If the existing images are part of a morph chain, then changing them via drag and drop will maintain the morph effects. Do tell us if you continue to experience difficulty, and thanks for reaching out. Art Holden Presenter Media Application Developer
Mar 18, 2023 -
Frank van der Mast
Hi how to find updates so I can start using design layouts. you speak about menu in the left side but nothing to find in my version. Can you tell me what to so it will work. Thanks
Mar 21, 2023 -
Hello Frank. When you go to a 3D graphic the design layouts tab will be on the left/middle of your screen. For example the 3D clip-art below will have the My Media & Uploads button, then underneath that the elements tab, with the layouts tab under that. They will be in blue when clicked on. Here is an example of one of our graphics with the new features: 3D Stack of Magazines - Customizable Mockup Item #: 27963 Type: Presentation Clipart
Mar 21, 2023 -
It would be so awesome if this site actually worked the way you describe. It would also generate a ton more revenue because I could refer others to join as a paying member. You need to add images for all the holidays and a wider and more modern variety of military content.
Mar 21, 2023 -
Hello Diana, we are sorry to hear about your frustration. Is there a certain area of the website that you are having issues with currently? An example of a graphic that utilizes our new features would be the 3D clip-art below. 3D Stack of Magazines - Customizable Mockup Item #: 27963 Type: Presentation Clipart Thank you for your inquiry. We are always open to suggestions for new content to add to our site. I will definitely pass your suggestion on to our creative team. Since we receive many suggestions daily I cannot guarantee all will be created.
Apr 27, 2023 -
Doris Griffin
Dear Team, I really enjoyed my subscription prior to the adjustments. The search bar was incredibly useful and now that is gone. Please consider returning to a few of the design styles you had for this site. It was much more user-friendly. Thanks for anything you can do.
Apr 27, 2023 -
Thank you for your inquiry. We are always open to suggestions for ways to enhance our service for the website. I will definitely pass your suggestion on to our creative team. Since we receive many suggestions daily I cannot guarantee all will be created. On our website the search field should still be at the top middle of the page with options for filter by what type of content you would like.
Apr 29, 2023 -
I agree with Doris that customize one of the videos used to be quite easy, and I've finally given up using it at all. Admittedly, I'm not a graphics person, but before the changes, I could do them quite easily, and now, not at all. Very disappointing.
May 01, 2023 -
Sue I am sorry to hear that that you are having difficulties with the video custom features. We have a video tutorial that may help on our website. I have included it here also. https://www.presentermedia.com/blog/slideclips-video-maker-going-over-the-basics
Jul 01, 2023 -
Joel Mateo
The old UI is more user friendly and easy to use.
Jul 06, 2023 -
Hi Joel, Thanks for your feedback. We did change the interface a bit to make way for a more mobile-friendly experience. We are always looking for good feedback about our interfaces. What did you find more user-friendly in the old UI? You can respond here or contact us at support@presentermedia.com
Nov 16, 2023 -
Suzanne Obusek
Hi - Any chance we can get some Mrs. Claus? or tell me where to find her? I can only find santa :(
Nov 16, 2023 -
Hi Suzanne, Yes, Santa is a popular guy around the holidays, but Mrs. Claus should get some spotlight, too:) We are currently creating holiday graphics, so be on the lookout for new items added in the "Newest Designs and Animations Section." Thanks for your feedback!
Jan 31, 2024 -
Ed Giesbrecht
I would be great to have more images of persons with a disability, particularly wheelchair users (manual, power wheelchair, mobility scooter) :)
Jan 31, 2024 -
Thanks, Ed! We appreciate your suggestions.

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