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Customizing a PowerPoint Template

Posted on: Jan, 2010 By: Art Holden
While we try to offer you a wide range of pre-designed layouts in our templates, sometimes you need something just a little bit different.  Not to worry, our templates come with many easy to manipulate customizable elements to change the whole look of you presentation.

When we are building our PPT templates, we try to leave as many of the design elements intact so they may be further customized.  For example we will use PNG images with transparent backgrounds and then layer them in PowerPoint.  You can then take those design elements and make more modifications to them.  Using PowerPoint's built in tools, you can change the color, add effects, move, resize, copy and paste to another page, or completely remove the elements from your presentation.

For example I'll use this template created by PresenterMedia artist, Judd Albrecht.

Atom Molecule PowerPoint Template

The large image of the atom can be removed, resized, recolored, or used in other pages.  Here I have resized the atom element to fit with the title.  I used the picture recolor tool to change the atom and the swooshes to a lavender color.  I also removed the logo place holder in the lower right-hand corner.  Here is the end result.

Customized PowerPoint Template

These changes were all made in a few minutes right inside PowerPoint.  You can access all the elements, modify the design layouts, and change background by viewing the Slide Master.  This is located under the View tab on the PowerPoint ribbon (the tool bar at the top of PowerPoint).

I hope this sparks some ideas as to the versatility of our templates.

Good Presenting!

Art Holden Co-Owner, PresenterMedia.com

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By: Art Holden
Art Holden has been involved in presentation and animation graphic content since 1990. He had the pleasure of creating one of the very first animation websites on the internet, Animation Factory. For 13 years he managed and created media for Animation Factory. He is now a part-owner and an employee working full time at PresenterMedia. His hobbies outside of work revolve around being involved in the bicycling community in Sioux Falls, SD. He never misses an opportunity to get on his bike and enjoy a ride.

Blog Comments (Sign In to Comment):

Jul 07, 2010 -
Brian Overbury-Crowther
Hello, just a quick note to say brilliant! I am involved in training in Road transport these powerpoint presentations are a must in design and help get the message over to the candidates, giving a good base for my subject matter.
Jul 12, 2010 -
Art Holden
Thanks for the kind word Brian, we're pleased to hear they are a good fit for your presentations. Art
Jul 29, 2010 -
Can you make a customized animation for me? I need an image of your stick figure guy in a jail cell.
Jul 30, 2010 -
Art Holden
Hi Deb, that's a great idea. We should have something created and on PresenterMedia in a few days for you to download. Thanks for the suggestion. Art Holden Co-owner, PresenterMedia.com
Sep 01, 2010 -
Art Holden
Deb, the stick figure in jail animation you suggested has been added to PresenterMedia. You can download it here.
Jul 21, 2011 -
Declan Coyle
The tree with the roots won't animate. Just comes up all together. What should I do?
Jul 21, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hi Declan, The first slide in that template is a static slide, slides 2-4 all have the tree and roots animated. Are slides 2-4 not animating for you either? Art Holden PresenterMedia
Sep 20, 2011 -
Terri League
Hey! Is there a way to take the loop off of an animated background? For example, I am working on a presentation for a national conference and we like the water drop background, but we feel the continuous water drops might be too distracting for our audience. Is there a way to allow the water to drop once for each slide?
Sep 20, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hi Terri, Yes you can set the video animation to stop playing when it reaches the end. The videos in our templates are contained in the Slide Master. Under the View tab, select Slide Master. The video will be located on the very first master slide and the second master slide. Select the video, and then under the Video Tools, select Playback and unselect the "Loop Until Stopped" option. Return to your presentation, by returning to "Normal View" under the view tab. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Oct 29, 2011 -
Idael Rey
Fantastic Job! you are putting in the public hands the necessary tools to built unparalleled presentations. I wonder if would it possible to edit the GIFs to add names to the Animated 3D Characters? Maybe make possible in the animated presentations that shows the Earth with a plane going around it to add your Company name instead of the plane or inside the plane. I will recommend your site to all my friends with 101% of satisfaction. I would like to see some templates examples for Business Intelligence and Database Management. Again excellent job! Contratulations
Nov 20, 2011 -
Rob McLennan
I do like your ideas, they are just what I'm looking for; a new course/presentation is germinating in my mind right now for Jan 2012 after seeing your presentations materlel. I've been teaching in Continuing Education for some time. One of my issues has been seeing my presentations show up in other areas. I'd like to modify the stick figure to include my logo on it's chest, or simulate a T-Shirt with the logo. Is this possible?
Nov 22, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hi Rob, We are looking at the ability to add logos or other customizations to our images. In the meantime you would need to have access to a program like Photoshop to combine our images with your logo. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Feb 19, 2012 -
Great product! I just downloaded the "global desk" ppt and there is a globe that says "your logo". How do I change or remove this?
Feb 21, 2012 -
Art Holden
Hi Gina, That template looks like it needs to be updated. I thought we had removed all the logos from the slide masters, but this template looks to be missed. I will have the template updated and added back to the site. In the meantime, you can remove them by viewing the Slide Master (select View Tab > Slide Master) the logo should be on the very top slide, and possibly the second slide. Once you select and delete them return to normal view (View > Normal) to return to your presentation. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Jun 23, 2012 -
Hello, I am using your social network powerpoint and I'm wondering if I can (and how, if possible) change the following: 1. The first slide is an animated social network showing a figure that soon connects with other figures. Can the color of the first figure (currently blue) be changed? I only want this first figure to change in color. 2. In the same file, there are clip art images. One of the images is of a figure (this is a static image) who is connected to three figures who are then connected to two groups of five other figures. Is there a way to interchange the figures? For example, can I move the group of three figures to where the five figure are and vice versa? I'm using powerpoint 2011 for Mac OSx. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Jun 25, 2012 -
I will answer your questions in order. 1. Unfortunately the video in the first slide is just that, a video. You may edit the color of the video as a whole but not of individual components within the video. 2. Clip Art Images: the stick figures just standing are here: http://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=5179&categoryid=140&maincat=clipart , and the stick figure with his arms crossed is here: http://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=closeup&id=1850&categoryid=131&maincat=clipart to be able to combine the images, simply download them with clear backgrounds, and then arrange as you see fit. By downloading in this manner you can actually edit the color of any one stick figure. Happy presenting!
Jul 31, 2012 -
This is a fantastic product. As a health & safety professional, it would be great to have figures in safety vest, safety glasses and other personal protective equipment, i.e. safety shoes, hard hat etc. Can you help with this?
Jul 31, 2012 -
Bill: Go ahead and search "safety", we have tons of images and animations, even video and templates available for you, including hard hats, individuals in safety goggles, safety vests etc. Happy presenting!
Feb 18, 2013 -
Hi there: I am trying to change the curtain color on the customizable "your text here" animated curtain opening slide (Item #9935) and can't get the color right. Would like it to be R:0, G:171, B: 170. Is there a way to change the curtain color? Thank you!
Feb 19, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Patricia: Thanks so much for your question! To get the color close to what you want, try adjusting the brightness and saturation. Typically, this resolves any "color strangeness" in the hue corrector.
Sep 06, 2014 -
Good morning, I would want to know if I can change the number of "stories" of the item 4084... It is a pyramid with 4 stories and I need 6. How could I change it? I look forward to your early response.
Sep 22, 2014 -
Mike Weber
Unfortunately this is the way the image was created when the artist made the template. You would not be able to duplicate one level of the pyramid.
Feb 01, 2015 -
Greg Jolley
How do I make a stencil cover with difference sharps or difference size windows. Or can I modify Infographic Stencil ITEM#: 14516. Hope you can help. regards Greg
Nov 12, 2015 -
Monica Castro
Hi, I would like to know how do I make a stencil cover with different windows size. I mean, I need to modify the Infographic Stencil ITEM#: 14530. Regards Monica
Nov 12, 2015 -
Billy Schlotter
Hi Monica, Here is a tutorial we did awhile back that might help you out. Regarding the Infographic Stencil, those are custom images for the boxes. The tutorial should give you a good idea though on how to use custom shapes to make something similar. Let us know if you need anymore help.
Nov 12, 2015 -
Monica Castro
Hi Billy One more question, the tutorial link is about how to use the Puzzle Piece Tool Kit, it's correct? Thanks :)
Nov 16, 2015 -
Billy Schlotter
Sorry for the late reply. That is correct, you can also use the combine tool to create the same thing.

Your presentations are going to be amazing!

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