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Your First PowerPoint Animation

Posted on: Jun, 2011 By: Art Holden
Downloading an animation from PresenterMedia is an easy process, but if you've never used an animated file (.gif) in your presentations before, there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid.  Watch this short new video tutorial from PresenterMedia co-owner, Art Holden, to see how simple it is.

[swfobj src="http://www.presentermedia.com/uploads/2011/06/get_started_dl_anims.swf" width="450" height="430"] Click the Play button above. How to download animations for PowerPoint.

Covered in this video:
  • For PowerPoint, always download the largest animation available.  This yields the best quality.
  • After clicking the download link, always choose "SAVE" to save the image to your computer.  Choosing OPEN may end up removing the animation from the image.
  • In PowerPoint, always use the "Insert/Picture" function to place the animation in your presentation.  Inserting it as a video or copying and pasting it into your presentation can yield poor results.
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By: Art Holden
Art Holden has been involved in presentation and animation graphic content since 1990. He had the pleasure of creating one of the very first animation websites on the internet, Animation Factory. For 13 years he managed and created media for Animation Factory. He is now a part-owner and an employee working full time at PresenterMedia. His hobbies outside of work revolve around being involved in the bicycling community in Sioux Falls, SD. He never misses an opportunity to get on his bike and enjoy a ride.

Blog Comments (Sign In to Comment):

Jun 28, 2011 -
can i use these files on my website, bcz wen i m using it its showing as simple jpeg not animated..pls guide as that was my only purpose.. regards, Diink
Jun 28, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Diink, Yes, our animations (animated .GIFs) work great on a website. We have several subscriber who use them on websites. It sounds like you are converting the .gif to a .jpeg file. Be sure that the file you upload to your website is the original .gif downloaded from PresenterMedia, if the animation is converted to a .jpeg it will no longer animate. Best, Art Holden PresenterMedia
Jul 03, 2011 -
siddiq shakur
Your "Blah" animation shows a white background. Even when you download the "clear" background... I like this animation... The White Background... Not so much. I just upgraded to the annual subscription, specifically for the use of this animation... now I can't use it. Please Art, help a Brotha out!!! also, I'm using a Mac. Specifically Keynote. Is there an issue with Keynote and your company?
Jul 07, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Siddiq, For some reason Keynote has not chosen to support transparent animated .gif images. With Keynote you would have to match the background of the animation to the background color of your presentation. Here is a video tutorial we put together about how to do that using our animation customizer. Art
Jul 10, 2011 -
Lou Banks
I purchase the product for a school project. The animation would not play for me within the presentation. I think that this product was a waste of my money and time. I am VERY DISSATISFIED Consumer.
Jul 11, 2011 -
Judd Albrecht
Hi Lou, Sorry to hear that the animation was not working for your in PowerPoint. If you are using PowerPoint 2007 you may need to install some critical Microsoft Office updates to get the animation running. Here is our blog about the Office Service Pack 2 that needs to be installed. Also you will want to make sure you have the newest Windows Media Player installed as this contains some critical drivers for the PowerPoint video player. http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2010/08/office-2007-service-pack-2/ If you do not have the Office Service Pack2 installed you can follow the link below to the download page on Microsoft.com http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=5 Every computer is set up different, with different video codecs and drivers which sometimes need to be updated. When these problems arise all we can do is help you fix all the things needed to get the animation running. If the above material doesn't fix the problem we would really like to help you solve the issue you are having, please contact us here. Thanks Much, Judd Albrecht
Jul 21, 2011 -
THANKS N REALLY GOOOOOOOD...................
Jul 31, 2011 -
wilfredo rivera colon
i bought the software how do i start working with it?
Aug 01, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Wilfredo, Thank you for becoming a subscriber. Have you had a chance to watch the the getting started videos? Here is a link to getting started with our PowerPoint Templates, and here is one about our animations and clipart. If you still have questions, we'd be happy to help, you can contact our support here. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Sep 03, 2011 -
Mario Bruneau
Hey guys, Just passing by here to say hello and congratulations for your awsome animations and images. @wilfredo this is NOT a software, this is a membership site where you get to download as many images, animations or Powerpoint templates you want and use them in your Powerpoint presentation, videos, website or anything else. Will become one of your subsrcibers in near futur. Keep up the good work! Mario
Sep 06, 2011 -
Sinaí Golina
Thanks so much!!! I REALLY needed that... It's perfect!
Sep 10, 2011 -
Do the animations run in PowerPoint 2010 and Keynotes?
Sep 14, 2011 -
Art Holden
Hello Ron, Yes the animations work in all versions of PowerPoint and Keynote. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Sep 20, 2011 -
I used to be stuck on knowing how to add an animation on my power point, but this video clearly showed me how to add it. Also, I would like to say to the company that the animations here and templates are really good, I have used it for my presentations and it looked spectacular!
Sep 30, 2011 -
Thank you because I really need it for my teaching
Jan 24, 2012 -
Such a helpful, well done tutorial. Thank you for getting me started!
Feb 07, 2012 -
Would the animations work in Adobe Captivate?
Feb 10, 2012 -
Art Holden
Hi Carol, The animated clipart in our PowerPoint animations will work in Captivate when downloaded as an Abobe Flash file .SWF. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Feb 22, 2012 -
If we build a presentation in PowerPoint 2010. Share that presentation with another user who has PowerPoint 2003. Will the animation play? Will the user with the older software application need to troubleshoot?
Feb 24, 2012 -
Easy and helpful tutorial! Great Work!
Feb 24, 2012 -
Art Holden
Hi Jon, With PowerPoint 2010, you can save your presentation in compatibility mode so your presentation will work in older versions of PowerPoint, like 2003. There are a few caveats, first of all saving compatibility mode will remove the video animations from our animated templates as 2003 does not support embedded video files. However the animated .gif files will continue to animate when saved this way. The best option is to use the "Package Presentation for CD" under the Save and Send area. This will create a presentation that will work on most computers with or without PowerPoint. All multi-media and animation is retained in this way. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Mar 01, 2012 -
so good
Mar 02, 2012 -
Hi there! Are the 3D animations compatible with 64bit machines running Windows7 ? I've had hassles with some other 3rd party software.
Mar 05, 2012 -
Art Holden
Hi Jock, Yes the animations are simply image or video files. There is no software to install so they will work on any version of Windows. Art Holden PresenterMedia
Mar 06, 2012 -
Thanks for your answer Art. I've now signed up for one year and so far all the animations I've downloaded are working really well.
Apr 23, 2012 -
Art, If I create an account, will I be able to save the folder onto a flashdrive to transfer back and forth between computers? I have a windows machine and also a Mac so I do a lot of back and forth. It would be wonderful if I could just download on one machine and then flashdrive the folder to move it to other machines. Thanks, Chris
Apr 23, 2012 -
Chris, The only potential problem is any animations in the graphics between Windows and Mac (Windows like WMV files, Mac likes MOV files). There is a plugin called Flip4Mac available which would make the windows videos play correctly on a Mac, however they just removed it from being free. That is another option for you as well.
May 11, 2012 -
I can't seem to download the QuickTime versions? Why is that it shows a play graphic with a line across it in a circle
May 14, 2012 -
Angie: You are trying to download the QuickTime versions of our animations/HD backgrounds? If you are downloading straight to an i-device it will give you that display as it does not like to download straight from our site (upload it to iTunes and then sync is fine). Otherwise make sure your QuickTime player is still up to date if you are on a regular Mac. Let us know if this works out for you and we'll stay in touch!
May 30, 2012 -
Using the Animation displaying writing goals, etc, how do I write them out on my powerpoint?
May 30, 2012 -
Jay, If you're using "YOUR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES" template that is a "Fixed" group of text, meaning you are not able to change it. The template that IS able to be changed and has the same background video is called WRITE TEXT CUSTOMIZABLE and here is the link for that:
Jun 21, 2012 -
Hi, I have downloaded some animated gif files. This may seem crazy but how do I change them from fireworks files?
Jun 21, 2012 -
June, Thanks for your question. If you have Adobe Fireworks, simply "Save As" whatever file format you prefer, or if you're referring to when you try to open a GIF and it opens in Fireworks automatically, right click and go down to "Open With" and select your alternative program. You can insert the GIFs into PowerPoint by "Insert">"Picture" and selecting them from their appropriate file.
Jun 22, 2012 -
Hi there, Has somebody out there tried this with Prezi? Would like to know any plus points and pitfalls before subscribing. Thanks loads.
Jun 25, 2012 -
Thank you for your question. We actually have a blog relating specifically to working with our animations and so forth in Prezi, including an example of it working together. See below: http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2011/10/animations-for-prezi/
Jul 22, 2012 -
cynthia diza
Sir, Are there any free animations for download please?
Jul 23, 2012 -
Unfortunately we do not offer any free downloads. You may contact us directly through our Contact link to request a sample file type for comparison.
Sep 22, 2012 -
Animated Gif's
When I save the gif's, in my presentation as '07.pptx. I lose the animation. What should I do to ensure the animation does not get lost? Thanks
Sep 26, 2012 -
First, please make sure you play the presentation (hit F5 to show slide show) and make sure the GIF's are truly not playing. When you insert them they'll look static until you play the presentation. Second, if this only happens after you save the presentation, check out our tutorial on changing the compression settings, which can cause animations to display incorrectly or not at all: http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2011/02/animated-clipart-stops-after-saving/ Please let me know if neither of these work, or send us a help request through our contact link and I'll help you directly
Oct 11, 2012 -
Hi, I use Micosoft PowerPoint 2010, but I cannot download the animation, all of them becoming general picture after downloading. I also cannot use the animate powerpoint template...all are not work for me... Please investigate and advise. Thanks!
Oct 12, 2012 -
Wing: I sent you an email regarding this matter, and am awaiting your response.
Dec 07, 2012 -
Hi! Can I change the words that are being written in the animation? (goals animation). I would like to write my own goals
Dec 10, 2012 -
Kara Jones
Follow the link on the Goals and Objective's page, it'll lead you here. This is a customizable template for the write your text.
Apr 17, 2013 -
Hello. Why don't I get the option to save the file?
Apr 18, 2013 -
How can i get the animation without the words in the middle of each animation.
Apr 19, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Linda: You would click "Download" on the page to download an item, as opposed to "Save". If you are using Internet Explorer, you'll be prompted to either Open, Save or Cancel. There's a dropdown next to Save that you can use to get Save As and then choose where the file will download to. If you're using another browser, typically the file will download to the Downloads folder of your computer (User>Downloads). It is possible that you have a default setting for all downloads, which would override the "Save" option, causing the download to automatically go to a specific destination you had set up in the past.
Apr 19, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Patrick: To have an animation without the PresenterMedia watermark in front of it, please subscribe to our website and then login. This will automatically remove all watermarks.
May 27, 2013 -
How do I insert an animation into my Prezi?
May 28, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Tess: Insert our animations as SWF files by selecting "Insert">"From File (PDF, video)..." and locating the SWF. The animation will automatically play.
May 30, 2013 -
Hi, wanted to know if I can use your animation with Prezi? Tnx Michal
May 30, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Michal: You most certainly may use our animations in Prezi! Simply download them as a SWF (options include GIF, SWF or Quicktime for all animations) and then insert them into Prezi by using the "Insert From File" option. Here is a demonstration and explanation of using our content in Prezi.
Jul 06, 2013 -
Can you add text into the jigsaw pieces ? and also can you add more pieces if needed ? i want to put together a really good power point and would love to use a few of your animations but I am new to putting this together so want to make sure I am getting what I need. I want to to wow my boss
Jul 08, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Carol: This template should suit your needs. http://www.presentermedia.com/powerpoint-templates/templates/puzzle-piece-tool-kit/2240-ppt.html
Aug 11, 2013 -
HI. I'm having the same problem and I'm not using keynote.. I'm just using ppt for mac. I have an annual subscription. bought it specifically for a ppt that I'm doing tomorrow... and am banging my head b/c I have downloaded in 4 different formats, tried customizing... but still get a BLACK background when I tell it I want clear, and when I select clear and download custom. help!
Aug 12, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Kara: Thank you for your inquiry. Could you give us a call at your convenience and we'll help you through this? I"m imagining that you're seeing the black background when you're in the Preview mode, which can't understand transparency so it makes it black. Once you insert the animation (Quicktime Video) into PowerPoint it should go clear.
Aug 21, 2013 -
Shelley Joyce
Is there any way that i can insert an animated gif into the body of an email?
Aug 22, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Thank you for your question. It depends on a number of factors unfortunately, which is not always a quick answer. Here is our tutorial about Embedding Animations in Emails
Apr 02, 2014 -
hello. I need to some templates. can I have free download?
Apr 02, 2014 -
Mike Weber
Hello Baran. Thank you for your inquiry. Our current discount is 40% from our standard price, bringing the total to only $59.95/year (standard price is $99.95/year). We do offer a shorter subscription for one month for only $39.95. Pay once and download as many of our PowerPoint templates, animations and clip-art images as you need. No additional credits to buy or download fees. Continue to use anything you have downloaded, even if you choose to let your subscription to expire.
May 28, 2014 -
Mohd. Fozleh Rahman
I work in Microsoft PowerPoint. How can I get the screen what you showed in tutorial for presenting animation. I insert the animation clip but it doesnot run when i start power point.
May 29, 2014 -
Mike Weber
Are you starting the slide show using the "Slide Show" tab in Power Point? You can also press F5 to start it. Make sure you are downloading, saving, and then going to Power Point to "Insert Tab, Picture". If you copy and paste you may lose some functionality.
Sep 25, 2014 -
Sir , Please Explain How to insert our text into the animation clip. After Downloading that Gif image don;t show the "Presenter Media" . Please Explain Sir.
Sep 30, 2014 -
Mike Weber
If you are seeing the Presenter Media watermark you are most likely not logged into the site with your email and password. You would need to customize the text on the website first.
Oct 07, 2014 -
Hi, i am facing the black background problem even though i select the clear back option png clear back ,it still downloads black background please help, cant get out of this problem!!!
Nov 13, 2014 -
Mike Weber
If you are running the new operating system for Mac: http://www.presentermedia.com/blog/2013/11/keynote-6-and-transparent-backgrounds/
Feb 24, 2015 -
Hi! I am having an issue with the size of the animation being too large for the powerpoint slide when I insert it. This has never happened to me before, and there is no option to choose what size to download (I am using a custom text animation). Thank you for your help!
Feb 24, 2015 -
Nevermine! I figured out how to reset the picture size in PowerPoint. :)
Jun 12, 2015 -
is it necessary to join presenter media bcz I can't download the other way
Jun 12, 2015 -
Mike Weber
Thank you for your interest in PresenterMedia. We offer a subscription service of 1-month, 1-year, or 2-years.
Sep 10, 2015 -
I have three questions. 1.) I generally don't do much in Powerpoint so do not have much use for a subscription. Is there anyway I can just purchase on animated GIF that you have of a butterfly? 2.) I need the butterfly to fly diagonally one-time across the screen, can the current GIF be adjusted to do that rather than fly in repeated circles? 3.) In the presentation that I'm doing I don't need the GIF animation to run until after several other objects have completed their animation. I've discovered that if I put an animated GIF in the sequence of the animation pane, the animated GIF ignores the sequence and just keeps running perpetually regardless what else is happening in the slide. Is there a way to adjust your animated GIF such that it only starts when requested to do so by the animation pane in Powerpoint?
Sep 14, 2015 -
Billy Schlotter
We do not sell our products outside of our subscriptions. We do offer a month subscription that you could do and download some PowerPoints and GIFS for future use to make sure you get your full subscription worth. As of right now we don't offer that type of customization for GIFs. We do take suggestions on content and review them on a weekly bases. The only way to adjust the time in a GIF is in the design stage of the rendering. I would suggest making a duplicate slide once you are that the point you want the GIF to come in and have it trigger when the new slide is clicked into. Hope that helps.
Sep 29, 2015 -
Could you offer free or heavily discounted subscriptions for non-profits and/or schools?
Oct 05, 2015 -
Billy Schlotter
We do work with schools and non-profits on pricing. Please fill out our contact form and someone will be in contact with you. http://www.presentermedia.com/index.php?target=contact
Nov 24, 2015 -
Is it possible to slow down an animation? for instance the one that draws on a face it happens as soon as it shows up is there a way to put a delay on it?
Nov 30, 2015 -
Billy Schlotter
Yes, instead of downloading as a GIF. Download as a MOV or SWF and have it start 'On Click' or on a delay.

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