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How to add your logo to all your PowerPoint 365 slides automatically

Posted on: Mar, 2021 By: Kara Jones

If you're building a presentation from scratch, and are already tired of copy and pasting your logo from slide to slide, then this tutorial is for you! With one simple trick, you can add your logo to all your PowerPoint slides automatically. Even if you're not building from scratch!

PowerPoint has the ability to apply a theme or template to your entire presentation. You've probably seen it in your "Design" options that pop up when you start a new presentation. This same functionality is what will allow us to add a logo to all of our slides in one fell swoop. Let's get started.

First, click on "view" and select "slide master"

Click on "view" and then select "slide master"

Next, click on the slide at the very top of the group (it'll be slightly popped out to the left).

Your actual slide "master" is the large slide above all the rest

The next step is adding your logo. Simply click on "Insert" > "Picture" and locate your picture or logo you wish to have on all your slides in PowerPoint.

Once you've inserted an image on the slide master, you'll see it placed in all the following layouts.

Close the slide master view by clicking on the Slide Master tab, then the "Close Master View" button on the right-hand side.

Finally, whenever you add a new slide to your presentation, it will automatically have the image (see logo) in the background.


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By: Kara Jones
Kara is highly creative and forward thinker. She has a wonderful Husband and a beautiful son. She and her husband enjoy playing with their son and also enjoy diving into a good video game.

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