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June to July 2023 PresenterMedia Newsletter

Posted on: Jul, 2023 By: Judd Albrecht

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Hello, Presenters, Designers, and All

We hope your June was great!  Our June was an absolute blast, packed with new graphic creations, ongoing development, and recording tutorials at PresenterMedia. Continue reading to explore all that is new through June!

New Download Formats!

You may or may have yet to notice a new download format while downloading graphics. Here is a brief explanation of the new download format.

  • WEBM - You will see this new format in a couple of places. This first place is in the videos quick download section, and the second place is when you choose an animated action for a 3D interactive graphic. One excellent quality of this video format is its smaller file size, which makes it great for websites and blogs. If you use PowerPoint 365, you can use this as a video format, but not with a transparent clear background.
  • New webm video download format



Make a bold statement with our new collection of eye-catching designs, carefully crafted to bring your ideas to life. Let your creativity soar, and watch your projects shine!

Real-Time Custom Animations

3D Graphic Preview 3D Graphic Preview 3D Graphic Preview
Clipart Graphics

3D Graphic Preview 3D Graphic Preview 3D Graphic Preview
New PowerPoint Templates

template thumbnail preview template thumbnail preview
template thumbnail preview template thumbnail preview
template thumbnail preview template thumbnail preview
Featured Video Designs

SlideClip Video BG  Video BG


PresenterMedia Tip - It's all about the Video!

inserting video

Explore the many ways to add a video to PowerPoint and create standout slides using PresenterMedia's video library.

Watch Video Here!


Helpful Resources


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Happy Presenting!

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By: Judd Albrecht
Judd enjoys anything creative. As a content designer at PresenterMedia, he gets to put that creative desire to use everyday. "Every day I'm excited to come into work and start creating great content for our subscribers". He has degree in computer animation with over 15 years of graphic design experience, which has given him the skills to design quality graphic content. When he's not at work, he finds time enjoying the great outdoors, jamming on the bass guitar and playing with his kids.

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