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Keynote Templates & Mac PowerPoints

Posted on: Apr, 2012 By: Art Holden

Today we'll be going through the process our artists have been painstakingly working on in order to roll out over two hundred operating specific templates over the last two weeks.  A long time ago in a galaxy far away...we had all our templates available on two versions of Microsoft PowerPoint: 2007/2008 and 2010/2011 collectively.  Our Mac users originally needed to download a third party plugin in order to use these templates to their fullest potential and it was time we changed that.  We  began the process of making our templates compatible specifically to the Mac OS version of PowerPoint, and accepted mission MacPossible.

Our developers worked tirelessly converting the WMV (Windows specific video) files into MOVs which could be played through Apple's Quicktime program and display properly on Mac MS PowerPoint 2008/2011.  These new files were then placed into the PowerPoints in place of any WMV file, one after another until each template gradually became truly Mac compatible.  The next step was saving out the PowerPoint files as versions specific to PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 respectively. Our artists began this daunting process and continue to ever update the hundreds of templates available on PresenterMedia.com.

Finally, the moment of truth had come: Keynote...PowerPoint's rival in the presentation industry.  The rumble of Apple vs. Microsoft could be heard within the walls of PresenterMedia.   It was only a matter of time before iPad/iPhone users learned the amount of versatility and strength Keynote offered, paired with the portability of their i-devices to create a unique opportunity to presenters to show their products, ideas, timelines and more to audiences abroad.  While this was a daunting tasks, the PresenterMedia family put our collective heads together and began the doubly scary task of A) Understanding the technical limitations of Keynote and B) Converting our existing templates into ones which could display properly in Keynote.

We are all proud of this advancement and the addition to the family of software we currently are able to create and support this increasingly popular program.  In upcoming weeks our support will continue as we create tutorials designed specifically around using Keynote with our templates and other content as well as how to maximize your presentation using Keynote's unique abilities.


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By: Art Holden
Art Holden has been involved in presentation and animation graphic content since 1990. He had the pleasure of creating one of the very first animation websites on the internet, Animation Factory. For 13 years he managed and created media for Animation Factory. He is now a part-owner and an employee working full time at PresenterMedia. His hobbies outside of work revolve around being involved in the bicycling community in Sioux Falls, SD. He never misses an opportunity to get on his bike and enjoy a ride.

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Apr 26, 2012 -
Peter Engelhardt
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Fantastic news - I can't wait to try the Keynote templates xxx
Apr 26, 2012 -
Rob Bateman
I continue to be awed by the continued added-value provided by PresenterMedia! Thanks!! An open question for all: I switched to Mac a year ago, and use an iPhone and iPad. Most of my business consulting requires PowerPoint and Word, and I have many docs created over the years. What am I missing if I stay with MS Office for Mac rather than switching to Keynote and Pages? Appreciate any advice. Thanks, rob
Apr 27, 2012 -
Thanks à lot, it was great time to go this way, i Will use those Keynote templates intensivly.
Apr 27, 2012 -
Phil Marley
Great news!!! Looking forward to playing with the Keynote templates, thank you.
Apr 27, 2012 -
rob, Thanks for your question. Keynote and PowerPoint both have individual strengths as well as weaknesses. It is extremely beneficial that you have a Mac and are running PowerPoint (2008 or 2011) already, as this will help with some of the compatibility issues (i.e. downloading Mac templates and then opening them in keynote) for any video or animation file in the templates. You will notice the real difference in individual item Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit effects as these options are significantly different (as well as slide transitions) from PowerPoint to Keynote. The fewer effects and transitions you have, the fewer problems you will notice when moving across platforms. Which program suite you choose is entirely up to you, as both are strong programs. If most of your clients will be opening your content using Microsoft Office, I would suggest staying with Microsoft, but if they are using iWork/Keynote then I would suggest begin the process of saving out your presentations as Keynote or Pages. The more versions of a presentation you have created, the less likely you are to run into compatibility when displaying the presentation on various machines. From what I've seen in Keynote, their transitions and effects on objects has a smaller number of options, but they are more dramatic than PowerPoint. Keynote is not able to open a presentation within one window, it will display full screen only, or on a beamer etc. (when run from Mac), so keep that in mind if you record your tutorials with a screen capture/recording program. Hope that helps and let me know if there's anything else you have questions on. Happy Presenting!
Apr 27, 2012 -
Nothing to say but, wonderful!
Apr 27, 2012 -
Thanks so much for your persistence and hard work getting this done so we can more easily take advantage of this amazing collection. Hats off to the whole team!
Apr 30, 2012 -
There is no way to say how amazing our artists and programmers are other than epic, inspiring, dedicated...oh wait, yes there is!! Thanks for the compliment and it will be passed on to the team!

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