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Microsoft PowerPoint Mini Toolbar getting an update in 2020

Posted on: Aug, 2020 By: Kara Jones

Welcome back to PresenterMedia, where we create content for our subscribers and teach PowerPoint tips to our readers! Today we're talking about the Microsoft PowerPoint Mini Toolbar getting an update in 2020. That's right, productivity is just around the corner!

On August 4th, Microsoft published an announcement that it'll be updating its Mini toolbar in PowerPoint. If you've ever right-clicked text in order to change the font face or color, you've seen PowerPoint's Mini Toolbar. The Mini Toolbar has been with Microsoft Office since 2007. In 2020, PowerPoint's Mini Toolbar is getting an update that should increase productivity.

Visible Mini toolbar in PowerPoint
Microsoft's Mini Toolbar has been available since Office 2007

First Things First: How to turn on the Mini Toolbar

If you've never seen the Mini Toolbar, it might not be enabled. Let's enable the Mini Toolbar now!

  • Click "File"
  • Select "options"
  • Choose "general"
  • Locate the "Show Mini Toolbar" box and make sure it is clicked
  • Click OK
  • You're done!

What's next? Microsoft PowerPoint Mini Toolbar update

The image below shows the traditional Mini Toolbar, but with three extra buttons on the right. These buttons are going to be adaptive; meaning they will change based on the PowerPoint features you use the most.

Mini Toolbar feature.

In the image above, you see "Change Case, Bullets, and "Line Spacing". However, you could see options such as "Link", "Text Effects" or other styling options for text, depending on which tools you use most often. This feature will allow users to have three buttons tailored to their unique style of editing content within PowerPoint, increasing efficiency, and intuitiveness within PowerPoint.

View the PresenterMedia announcement for Microsoft PowerPoint Mini Toolbar update 2020

To read more about this latest feature, head over to Microsoft's Office Insider page for additional details or to sign up for the Insider program.

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By: Kara Jones
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