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Mind Maps Tool Kit

Posted on: Aug, 2014 By: Mike Weber
Presenter Media would like to feature one of our newest templates by artist Judd Albrecht.  This widescreen presentation template has various animated mind map layout designs.  It also contains a set of static non-animated slides.


You can visually outline information in your presentation for your audience.  The Mind Map template can be created around a single word or text.  You can place it in the center or anywhere you prefer and attach associated ideas, words and concepts.


This template can offer an overview of a topic and its complex information.  This will allow your audience to create new ideas, comprehend and build connections from start to finish.  Colors, images and words will encourage individuals with a central idea to build more in-depth topics.


The audience can brainstorm an idea, concept or problem to better communicate new ideas and processes.


You can download and customize your own template here!

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By: Mike Weber
Mike is a great asset as part of the team at PresenterMedia. He really loves working with people. He's always ready to help someone in need and it gives him great satisfaction in doing so. He is the go to person when a PresenterMedia customer needs help. While not at work, you will usually find him playing sports, running or enjoying a sports game.

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