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Motion Paths in PowerPoint Tutorial

Posted on: Jul, 2012 By: Kara Jones
Have you ever wondered how images fly across a screen, only to loop back around during a presentation?  Today we are looking at the most basic concepts of Motion Paths in PowerPoint 2010, just enough to start getting a feel for some of the capabilities of the software.  Keep an eye out for additional advanced tutorials for PowerPoint products.  
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By: Kara Jones
Kara is highly creative and forward thinker. She has a wonderful Husband and a beautiful son. She and her husband enjoy playing with their son and also enjoy diving into a good video game.

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Jul 29, 2012 -
Steve Di Tullio
Thank you for another outstanding tutorial from Kara; she does a superb job in every tutorials she provides. I appreciate all the tutorials you provide... for two reasons. First of all they allow us to use PPT and PresenterMedia to their fullest advantage. Secondly, as an indivudual that has very experience using PPT, it helps to train me at the same time on the various functions available in PPT. I enjoy using PresenterMedia and will be with you for a long, long time. I consider PresenterMedia to be a necessary program in my arsenal and will certainly recommend it to all my friends and associates. Thanks agan for a magnificent product. Steve
Jul 29, 2012 -
This is awesome! Very concise and thorough, keep up the great work Presenter Media!
Jul 30, 2012 -
Steve, Thank you so much for your praise! It means so much that our subscribers enjoy our products and tutorials. If you ever have a specific request, please let me know and we'll get a tutorial put together for you!
Jul 30, 2012 -
Thanks so much Jason!
Aug 07, 2012 -
Awesome!!! I Love it!!! Great and useful!!!
Oct 29, 2012 -
Thank you.
Jan 22, 2013 -
Donna Jones
Great Tutorials....How do do an animation the shows a character fall flat on their back like in boxing
Jan 23, 2013 -
Kara Jones
Donna: That's a great suggestion for an animation. If you wanted to make this effect happen yourself, you could do one of two things: first, simply add a "spin" effect (Emphasis Effects) to the object, then go into the Effect Options and change it to a 1/4 spin clockwise/counterclockwise. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can have a motion path be playing (like they are falling backwards a ways) and then the spin effect at the same time, as if they were "punched" and thrown backwards as they fell.

Your presentations are going to be amazing!

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