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An editable financial video slide with an inflation theme. Change the text and add your own images.
Inflation Blocks
Video Background
A group of toon marching band musicians cross the frame as the idiom Don't Rain on My Parade is displayed.
Rain On Parade
Video Background
Reach For The Stars
Use this video background to achieve your desired results.  Customize the design and make it your own.
Spring Calendar Leaves Video
Video Background
Here is an editable Easter video template - a fun and playful design featuring cute bunny ears, colorful Easter eggs, and a calendar.
Easter Calendar Editable Video Template
Video Background
This editable video features star-shaped image placeholders with animation that will draw your viewers in!
Reach For The Stars Content Slide
Video Background
This June Summer Calendar Video shows captivating videos that will bring the spirit of summer to your presentations! Download Now!
June Calendar Video
Video Background
The editable video template features a stunning robot pointing into the distance with a spaceship and a plant in the background.
Science Fiction Message
Video Background
This editable video template features a cute cat holding a magnifying glass, carefully examining a chessboard.
Video Background
Call our important date events with this 'December Video Calendar with Snowflakes' – a captivating blend of functionality and winter charm!
December Video Calendar
Video Background
Download or customize this editable chess video template perfect for chess enthusiasts and professionals!
Global Chess
Video Background
An editable video calendar for may featuring an adorable Bee holding a flower!
May Flower Bee Calendar Video
Video Background
An editable video template with a sun slowly spinning as a bee appears holding a flower and clouds float in.
Summer Bee Warmth Editable Video
Video Background
An editable video template featuring the king and queen chess pieces facing each other as smoke billows in the background.
Business Strategy Chess Video
Video Background
This stubborn quote video template features a short character with arms crossed and a stubborn or made look. Whether you're creating a video for your brand or personal use, this video will engage your audience and leave a memorable impression.<span id="dots">...</span>
<span id="more">
The video begins with the short character standing with his arms crossed, his face exuding a sense of defiance and stubbornness. As the scene unfolds, the title "Stubbornness" animates, drawing attention to the character and setting the tone for the rest of the video.
But that's not all - this editable video template also includes a text area for a quote, allowing you to convey your message in a powerful and impactful way. Whether you're sharing a motivational quote or a thought-provoking statement, this template is the perfect canvas to bring your message or quote to life.
With its customizable design, this video template is perfect for various applications. Use it to create engaging social media content, add a touch of personality to your brand's marketing campaigns, or incorporate it into your next presentation for a creative and eye-catching effect.
<button class="text-blue-800 p-1 px-2 rounded bg-gray-200" onclick="getmyFunction()" id="myBtn">Read more</button>
Find other great <a class="text-blue-800 hover:text-blue-500" href="https://www.presentermedia.com/video-backgrounds">Video Backgrounds</a> like this <b>stubborn man video template </b>.

#more {display: none;}

function getmyFunction() {
  var dots = document.getElementById("dots");
  var moreText = document.getElementById("more");
  var btnText = document.getElementById("myBtn");

  if (dots.style.display === "none") {
    dots.style.display = "inline";
    btnText.innerHTML = "
    moreText.style.display = "none";
  } else {
    dots.style.display = "none";
    btnText.innerHTML = "Read less"; 
    moreText.style.display = "inline";
Stubbornness Video Quote
Video Background
This customizable video template features a grumpy 3D boss character!  Customize the text and colors with our Online video maker app. Get started Free!
Working For The Man - Business Video Template
Video Background
An editable Cosmic School Bus video shows a futuristic bus flying through a stunning galaxy of stars, matter, and particles. Get started for Free!
Cosmic School Bus Editable Video
Video Background
The video is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of humor to their presentations, social media posts, or any other digital content.
Abraham Lincoln Internet
Video Background
This rise and shine farm video background captures the essence of a tranquil morning scene. Easily personalize the text to suit your needs!
Rise And Shine Farm
Video Background
Visualize risk, success & overcoming with this Leap of Faith video background. Elevate content with dynamic visuals & customization.
Courage and Triumph: Leap of Faith Video Background
Video Background
In this video, a rooster enters the frame in front of a beautiful city backdrop with a sunrise.  Customize the text placeholder to have your own message.
Jerusalem Rooster
Video Background
Journey of a changing tree video with 'Embrace Change, It's Inevitable' message. Embrace life's transformation and move forward confidently.
Embrace Change Video: Transformation Through Seasons
Video Background
Nature's transition: a video background of a tree shifting from summer green to autumn red. Elevate your projects with this visual metaphor.
Summer to Autumn Video Background
Video Background
Grab the attention of your viewers attention with our vibrant classroom announcement video background Perfect for impactful announcements.
Classroom Announcement Video: Sticky Note and Megaphones
Video Background
This editable reading owl video features an adorable owl character reading a book with mystical particles floating behind it.
Magic Reading Owl
Video Background
This editable video shows a character on a forklift crashing into a stack of boxes.
Warehouse Safety Boxes Crash
Video Background
This customizable math video showcases three teacher characters in a vast numerical universe standing in striking hero poses.
Math Teachers
Video Background
Thinking Forward Gears: Customize & Create Dynamic Videos and Animated GIF elements. Unleash Your Creativity!
Think Forward Video Animation
Video Background
This video features a mesmerizing bottle with a vast expanse of the cosmos trapped inside and cosmic particles elegantly wrapping around the bottle,
Time In A Bottle
Video Background
This editable video template shows a playful dog flying through space with a hamburger in its mouth, ready to take on any challenge to get what it wants.
Get What You Want Video
Video Background

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