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How to Use the Customizer Version 1 for Custom Text Graphics

Posted on: Nov, 2012 By: Mike Weber

Don't have hours to spend to make a customized video, animation, or image for your company? Let us help. Below you will find 5 simple steps to use our V1 customizer to add your text to specialized graphics easily.  Don't feel like reading today? No problem, watch the video tutorial above.

1) Start by going to our website, www.PresenterMedia.com.

2) There are a couple of ways to access custom text. You can use our search bar by adding the keywords custom text and your search term to find one that will fit your needs. 

search bar image

Or, you can select the 'Custom Text' dropdown and search through the library.  Some custom graphics use customizer V2, which allows you to add text and pictures to the final download, but today we will focus on the customizer V1.  

accessing custom text from website navigation


3) Once You've found a video, animation, or clip art that you want to look for, the 'Change Text & Filters button. Note* We have two different customizers, Version 1 and Version 2. This is how you know you're in the version 1 customizer interface. Click here If you would like to learn how to use the Version 2 Customizer.

Access customization tool button


4) Start changing the text inside the displayed text fields. Note* Each text field has a preset number of characters that will work for each custom text item.

Changing the custom text fields



5) Change any filters like Color Hue, saturation, and brightness. 

Image filter tools

Also, adjust the shadow and reflection of an item if the option is available.

Shadow and Reflection adjustment tools


6. Choose your download options at the bottom of the interface and click Build Custom Graphic once all desired options are chosen. 

A look at the customizers download options

It might take a couple of minutes for the item to build. Perfect time to go and work on another custom graphic!


7) Access your personalized item by going to "My Media and Uploads.

my media link

All custom items are saved to your "My Media and Uploads" section. You can also redo your project if necessary. Remember that we will store custom graphics for up to 90 days, so select the " Click to Save " option to keep the item forever.

How to access customized graphics from  my media


If you are having any issues, please contact us and let us know. We are updating every day and adding more 'Custom Text' videos, animations, and clipart. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

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By: Mike Weber
Mike is a great asset as part of the team at PresenterMedia. He really loves working with people. He's always ready to help someone in need and it gives him great satisfaction in doing so. He is the go to person when a PresenterMedia customer needs help. While not at work, you will usually find him playing sports, running or enjoying a sports game.

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Dec 16, 2022 -
Robert McLaughlin
Can I change colour of text from white to black?
Feb 13, 2023 -
Oct 03, 2023 -
Angel Mio P.P.
Hello, and thank you for being there! You have been very helpful over the years and I am only grateful for this. I only wonder why certain of the customizeable animations, cliparts and graphs cannot anymore accept different than English language input, although they previously did. For example, the animation ""Team Puzzle Eight Piece, Text Item #: 11897"" used to provide Hellenic Language (Greek) letters, whereas it now does not, and it is a pity. Also, in this and in other such cases different font selection was available, but now not. Would it be possible for you to provide such capacities again? Thank you for your attention Yours faithfully, ampp

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