EPRG Model Marketing PowerPoint Template 
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EPRG Model Marketing PowerPoint Template

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Quickly Showcase Your EPRG Marketing Strategy

Our EPRG model PowerPoint template has various layouts to display the four segments of this framework. For instance, the first EPRG diagram showcases a four-level pyramid, with each section representing a part of the EPRG marketing model. Also, find a slide layout with an EPRG target and informational elements flowing to the middle of the target. Read more to find out about all the excellent slides in this template. ...

What is the Ethnocentrism Approach?

In this approach, companies focus their investments mainly on what's happening in their home country and neglect other areas that could be more lucrative for them financially or culturally speaking.

What is the polycentric approach?

The polycentric approach is when a company hires employees worldwide to ensure they can provide services or products in demand wherever those needs may arise. This considers that not every country has identical requirements, so it's essential for companies running businesses in globalized markets like this one to research what each region wants before inducing changes based on those findings.

What is the Regiocentric Approach?

Regiocentric businesses are those that view their global operations from a local perspective. These companies treat all subsidiaries as if they were one big market and focus on what similarities exist among them for marketing purposes, instead of splitting up different regions into smaller segments like Geopolitical or Country profitability surveys might do (eccentric).

What is the Geocentric Approach?

In the geocentric approach, businesses apply a single strategy for all regions and subsidiaries regardless of cultural differences. This means that there's no need to create different campaigns or advertising materials depending on where your customer is in the world; as long as they can speak English (or whatever language is used), everything will be fine!

Let your EPRG Information Stand Out

What makes this EPRG PPT template stand out from the rest is the ability to customize the rotation of the earth elements. For instance, Click on the earth and rotate it to show the part of the world you would like the location pointers to fall on. You can all position the location markers as well.

One other great highlight of this template is the interactive slides 6 - 10. With these slides, you can move back and forth between the main PowerPoint slide and the close-up slides for each segment of the EPRG system. The close-up pages contain image placeholders. Easily add any photos you choose to help explain your information about that particular part of the world.

Moreover, all slides help the presenter facilitate and spotlight each part of the EPRG marketing model. Each PowerPoint slide is animated to maximize audience engagement so that the message isn't missed. Furthermore, all slide colors are customizable by editing the PowerPoint theme colors. So you can easily match a company color scheme or choose your favorite colors.

In conclusion, this template is excellent for marketing executives, business professionals, and corporations who want a professional-looking presentation but don't have the time to create one from scratch. With that, Quickly showcase your business strategy using the EPRG marketing model.

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