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Education Templates for PowerPoint

Animated PowerPoint Templates for Education and Training

Engage the Attention of Your Viewers! Get education PowerPoint templates with exciting animated layouts that visually stimulate the brain for learning.

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Be the teacher or presenter with fun, engaging, and imaginative animated presentations that spark the interest of your class or viewers.

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"Outstanding visual effects that capture my students' attention. For a teacher, that's a big plus." Alan H See Review

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We want those viewing your teaching material extremely focused on learning what you are teaching. For this, we add eye-catching animation to our education PowerPoint templates, which effortlessly makes your presentations more engaging and exciting.

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Using our Education PowerPoint Templates

Our educational PowerPoint templates for teaching and training are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and higher.

Compatible templates provide a .key file for download to use in Keynote for Mac. Also, if you are using Google Slides education Themes, you will find most of our educational templates will work great when you open the download .pptx file in Google Slides.

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Educational Animations

Audiences and Students love these animations!

Add eye-catching educational animations to your presentations to call out a specific point or message in your teaching material.

Laptop Earth Revolve - PowerPoint Animation Head Outline with Gears - PowerPoint Animation Assemble Puzzle Light Bulb - PowerPoint Animation Talia standing with a large school pencil gesturing to the side - PowerPoint Animation data the presentation character showing custom sign - Custom PowerPoint Animation


Designing your teaching or training material has never been more fun and easy with our Professional PowerPoint Templates library that helps save time creating unique designs your students will love.

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