Free PowerPoint Tutorials

PresenterMedia Addin Tutorials

Getting Started - PresenterMedia Add-in
A brief overview about our add-in and instructions how to download and properly install this feature.

Advanced Tutorial - PresenterMedia Add-in
A more in depth look at our add-in and additional features it offers.

Update your PresenterMedia Add-In.
A basic tutorial guiding you through a manual update to the PresenterMedia Add-In. This is very helpful if you re-installed PowerPoint, have a new computer/version of Windows or are experiencing difficulty with the Add-In.

Troubleshooting Tutorial - How to Re-Enable Your PresenterMedia Add-in
Did your PresenterMedia tab suddenly disappear from PowerPoint? Never fear, this problem is easily resolved by following these steps.


Getting Started

Overview of the PresenterMedia Website
Brief overview of the features and benefits of the PresenterMedia website.

New Clip-Art Customizer
Here is a short video tutorial on how to navigate the new PresenterMedia Clip-Art Customizer.

Getting Started - PowerPoint Templates
A brief overview about our templates and how to get started using them.

Getting Started - Animations and Clipart
A brief video demonstrating how to download and use our 3D animations and clipart in PowerPoint.

Getting Started - Downloading Your First PowerPoint Animation
These simple steps get you using animations in PowerPoint quickly and trouble free.

Getting Started - Video Backgrounds
Learn the basics of video backgrounds in PowerPoint 2010 and learn how to take it to the next level.

Getting Started - Text over Video Backgrounds
Learn the basics of creating one of our popular Customized Text over Video Backgrounds.


Basic Tutorials

What Version of PowerPoint Do I Have?
A step-by-step guide to determining which version of PowerPoint you are using.

What Internet Browser am I using?
A reference guide to determining which browser version you are using.

Combining Multiple Templates and Slides
Watch a video tutorial demonstrating how to combine slides from different animated PowerPoint templates with Windows PowerPoint.

Copy a Slide from a Template
How to copy a slide from a PowerPoint template to another presentation.

How to Build PowerPoint Templates
Part 1 - Learn how to create a custom color theme for your template and presentations.

Customizable Templates
Learn how you can modify our templates.

Choosing Between Static or Animated Slides
How to choose between an animated or static slide in our animated PowerPoint templates.

Changing Color Themes in Our PowerPoint Templates
Watch a video demonstrating the use of color themes in our PowerPoint templates.

Anatomy of PowerPoint Templates
A closer look at the inner workings of a PowerPoint templates and some simple changes you can make.

Text Formatting in PowerPoint Templates
Watch a video tutorial about changing the way a PowerPoint template formats text in placeholders.

Change the Color of an Image
Recolor Images with PowerPoint.

Matching the Background Color of Your Presentation
A brief video detailing how to match the background of an animation to the color in your presentation.

Using PNG images in PowerPoint
The benefits of using our transparent PNG images in your PowerPoint presentations.

Creating an Info-Graphic
Build Compelling Information Graphics with PowerPoint

Animated GIFs in PowerPoint 2008 for Mac
How to update PowerPoint 2008 to include full support for animated GIFs.

Changing Your Color Pallete in PowerPoint
Edit PowerPoint theme colors to change or create a unique color pallete.


Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials

Animation Combination
How to animate multiple objects in PowerPoint so they will display accordingly.

Syncing Audio and Video in PowerPoint
Watch a video tutorial on how to sync multiple media types so they play at the same time.

Adding Hyperlinks to your PowerPoint Presentation
How to add and use hyperlinks in your presentation to make it easily navigated as well as able to link to external websites.

Embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint
How to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentation.

How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a video.
Learn 6 tricks to saving your presentation as a video using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Motion Paths in PowerPoint.
A quick look at some of the features of adding motion paths in Microsoft PowerPoint

Writing (or "typing") a check in PowerPoint.
An in depth look at how to use our clip art to its fullest; adding our image of a check, adding text to the recipient line, and animating the text to appear as though it is being typed as the presentation plays.

Looping Timelines
How to create a timeline slideshow which loops and appears to be all one long page.


Historical PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial

Getting Started - Using Templates with PowerPoint 2003
Learn the simple steps to utilize our animated templates in PowerPoint 2003.


Mac PowerPoint (2008 and 2011) Tutorials

Combining Multiple Templates and Slides - Mac PowerPoint 2011


Keynote Tutorials

Getting Started - Keynote Templates, Clip Art, Animations
A brief overview about our content working within Keynote.


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